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Larry Crowe

"Larry Crowe" is directed and starred by Tom Hanks. After the Navy retired, Larry (played by Tom Hanks) worked diligently in the store for more than 20 years. He is kind and never loses his temper. He is a star worker, his customers like him, and his boss appreciates him. But the storm of layoffs still cost him his job. In his spare time, he applied to the university in the local community, and soon formed good friends with all kinds of people. There are homeless people and children from slums, and everyone hopes to improve their lives here. In a public speaking class, Larry unexpectedly fell in love with his teacher Mercedes (Julia Roberts). But she is a married woman, and she puts all her energies on teaching and has no time for the admiration of her students. Now, all the problems seem to be on Larry's body...


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