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The story happened in a small town near the river in Hunan. Xiao Jing (played by Yin Yaning), who is stubborn by nature, has been deaf and dumb since she was a child. Her parents divorced when she was young. Now she lives with her grandfather and uncle (played by Yu Xuan). Years of inability to communicate normally with others has alienated her character, and Xiao Jing has gradually become elusive, causing her to slide towards the boundary of ethics and morality. Bar singer Xiaomei (played by Wu Bingbin) is wild and unrestrained. After a big fight with her mother, she lives on the street and never returns home. However, the cruel reality makes this young girl deeply confused. She doesn't know how to go on. In fact, the fragile inner support is struggling, and she doesn't know where is the warm home. Police officer Zhang Haoyang (played by Li Qiang) felt that he was born at the wrong time. He has been widowed for many years. A deaf-mute daughter... This film won the "Firebird Award" for Best Film in the New Talent Film Competition at the 36th Hong Kong International Film Festival in 2012. In 2012, it won the Best Asian Film NETPAC at the 10th Vladivostok International Film Festival prize.


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