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Ninja Rantaro 2011

The story takes place in the Warring States Period. Rantaro (played by Kiyoshiro Kato), a boy born in a third-rate poor ninja family, entered the first-class ninja school—Ninjutsu Academy—to study with the expectations of his parents. The academy was first founded by the genius ninja Okawa Heiji Uzumaki (played by Heiken Jiro), and now he is old, but he is still superb in martial arts and constantly funny. He even led the Ninja Academy to launch a series of fierce battles with the arch-enemy Bafangzhai (Matsukata Hiroki). The students of Ninjutsu Academy are called "ninja eggs" (referred to as "ninja eggs"), and Rantaro was incorporated into the one-year leaf group (one year は group), where he met the son of a wealthy businessman, Xinbingwei (Kimura). Feng Tai) and Wuwan (Lin Liaowei) whose parents were both killed in battle, the three little guys formed an affectionate trio, and they began their happy school life full of tutoring, re-examinations and various failures . One day, Saito Takamaru (Mizoguchi Takuya), who was born in a hairdressing family in the four-year leaf group, and his father Saito Yukitaka (Kakaga Takeshi), were attacked at home by assassins Wanshou Bird (Naoto Takenaka), Tudou Kotobuki (Ishigaki Yuma) attack. It turns out that Saito and his son were once members of the Poison Bamboo Ninja Team under Bafangzhai. Although they have already left this evil organization, the ninja team is still chasing after them, vowing to take the lives of Saito and his son. At this critical juncture, the director and Bafangzhai agreed to a duel. As long as the Ninjutsu Academy can rush into the poisonous bamboo mountain and ring the big bell of Daming Temple, the ninja team will completely give up Saito and his son. As the so-called newborn calves are not afraid of tigers, the first-year ninjas, with the support of senior students, decided to challenge this difficult and dangerous duel. One is a freshman who has just entered the kindergarten, and the other is a professional ninja with rich practical experience. Can Rantaro and the others win the final victory?


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