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Three married Li Lang

During the period of the Republic of China, Guan Shengnan was the daughter of the magistrate of Baisha County. Although she was born handsome, she had an extremely hot temper. She and Li Chenlong had been happy enemies since they were young. In order to escape marriage, she became Yuan Shikai's concubine and forced Li Wenyao, who had a marriage contract with Meiniang, to be with herself. They got married, but by accident, Guan Shengnan married Li Chenlong who was a policeman, and Li Wenyao and Mei Niang also got married as scheduled. Guan Shengnan and Li Chenlong are like a loving couple in front of outsiders, and they get along in private. Later, they got along slowly and fell in love with each other. At the time of life and death, Guan Shengnan realized that Li Chenlong had loved her very early on. Fortunately, Yuan Shikai passed away, so they were able to save their lives. In the end, Guan Shengnan changed his temper...


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