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Della lost her parents in an accident. And he was tried unfairly by the court, and his life changed dramatically. I can only move to my grandma's house with my sister. Della began to study Chinese hard. So he got acquainted with Aka, who was born in a wealthy family but also hated inequality, and gradually fell in love with her. Xi Run, the son of the rich merchant Priam, has always been an enemy of Della. One day, Xirun's drunk driving caused a serious car accident, but his father suppressed all the news for him. Della, who witnessed the whole accident, took the initiative to petition to testify in court, but the Priam family still sent Della to prison with their power, money and connections. Della helped Yang in prison. As a shopping mall tycoon, Yang expressed his gratitude, gave Della the skills of doing business and gave Della a sum of money after he was released from prison. The business battle between Della and the Priam family begins. In the end, with the support and help of A-Ka and Yang, Della successfully expanded his business, and treated others in his own way.


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