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In the early 1990s, a heavy industrial city in Northeast China. Chen Guilin (Wang Qianyuan), a former steel mill worker, started a band alone after being laid off, running around all day in weddings, funerals, and shop openings, barely making ends meet. His wife Xiaoju (played by Zhang Shenying) ran away from home and fell into the arms of a wealthy counterfeit drug dealer. Now that Xiaoju has come back, she not only has to divorce Guilin, but also fights for the custody of her only daughter Xiaoyuan. Guilin lamented his fate of failure, so he was determined to train his daughter to be a pianist. In order to get his daughter, he went around raising money to buy the piano, and even went to school at night to steal the piano with his girlfriend Shuxian (Qin Hailu) and his good buddies from the steel factory. When all methods failed, Guilin accidentally found a Russian literature about pianos, so he called his partners and started the journey of hand-made pianos in the dilapidated factory...


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