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Full City with Golden Armor Cantonese Version

Wang (played by Zhou Runfa) led the rebellion and won the throne. In order to consolidate his position, he drove away his ex-wife and married the princess and the current queen (played by Gong Li) of Liang Guo to gain Wang Liang's support. Prince Yuanxiang (Liu Ye) was a child left by his ex-wife, and Wang Baobao and the current queen also gave birth to Yuan Jie (Jizhu) and Yuan Cheng (Qin Junjie) ). However, the queen has an ulterior incest relationship with Yuan Xiang. Wang has always missed his ex-wife and claimed that his ex-wife is dead. The queen has always been ambitious. When Yuan Jie learned that his father forced his mother to take poison, he agreed to his mother's mutiny on the Double Ninth Festival, and the bloody war began...


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