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Extinction: A Chronicle of Genetic Modification

It all started three days ago when Tom Keller (Daniel Buder) who was driving accidentally hit a passerby. After getting off the car, he found that the other person was behaving strangely, and the surrounding seemed to be in an inexplicable panic. , Some people seem to be infected by some kind of strange virus, and turned into bloodthirsty zombies, attacking every innocent passerby frantically. In a panic, Tom hid in the American base where he used to play in his childhood with urgently needed supplies. After more than ten days of squatting, he found that the zombies had changed, and his ammunition was about to run out. For this he had to go outside to find out what was going on. In a certain town, he accidentally discovered several uninfected survivors. Tom joined these people and gradually learned that everything was caused by a virus developed by a biochemical company, which can modify the DNA of living things. When the whole world has fallen, how should these survivors find tomorrow...


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