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To become a killer requires three conditions: a commission, a target, and a reward. The single-parent girl believes that people need three reasons to live, but life is too hard. They have to take care of their demented mother, take care of the store and support the family, and are forced to sell their bodies. The man in a wheelchair lacks self-confidence, depends on his father for life, longs for the tenderness of the opposite sex, but is disliked even for prostitutes, so he can only masturbate in the disabled toilet. The same people who have fallen in the end of the world, can they help each other? Dear killer, can you kill the source of pain? Qiu Siqin, who was born as a child star, plays a tragic character and breaks through the past image. In recent years, Zheng Renshuo, who has challenged different roles, played a weak force with paralyzed lower limbs, showing his acting skills again.


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