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The story describes a group of ordinary people (25 participating teams) competing in the fastest and most dangerous nighttime illegal street racing event in the world. They raced from the South End of London to the Scottish Highlands at night in well-modified, stylish luxury sports cars, hoping to win a big prize. They vowed to break the curfew imposed by the British totalitarian government and fight for freedom. Every car is equipped with lethal weapons, and anyone who stands in their way will be mercilessly attacked. The script further described that a highly deadly animal epidemic spread around the world, and the government issued a curfew. Although every household closes their doors at night, "curfew racing" also emerged as the times require. The contestants compete from dusk to the early morning of the next day, and the winner will win the qualification to go to "Paradise Island"-this is an island without any epidemics, and setting foot on this island is like entering a safe haven. The event is held once a year and anyone can compete...but each time the competition takes place in a different location. This year's competition will be held in the United Kingdom, with London as the starting point.


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