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Huang Feihong righteously took Ding Caipao

Huang Feihong's chivalrous deeds have been shown on the screen many times. The film is directed by veteran director Wang Feng. Shi Zhongtian plays Huang Feihong and Shi Jian plays Shen Jiugong. The matching is fresh. The story tells that Huang Feihong (Shi Zhongtian) was a famous boxer in the south of Lingnan in the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China. prestigious. One day, at the time of Huang Feihong's new Zhang Jiqing in Baozhilin Pharmacy, the owner of Tak Kee column, Zhou Lide (Ching Miao), came to congratulate him, and hoped that Huang Feihong could help him win the Ding Caipao on the birthday of Guanyin next year...


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