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Because of a role in a movie, the comedian Peter Pan of the Northeast Errenzhuan was tricked to Shanghai by Xu Ke, a handyman on the crew. Peter Pan staged a "Shanghai Bund" encounter with the pure and beautiful drama actor Baige on the bank of the Huangpu River. In the convenience store, the two met again, but unfortunately they were robbed by robbers. Peter Pan stepped forward to protect Baige, and lost Huya and his movie role. In order to survive, Peter Pan worked as a stand-in actor and was beaten all over his body, but Xu Ke withheld his remuneration. Gou Fugui, Peter Pan's hair boy, regarded him as his "big brother" Xu Wenqiang since he was a child. He was dissatisfied with being bullied and wanted to beat Xu Ke to vent his anger. But when they found out that Xu Ke owed usury loans and urgently needed to find a reverse actor to perform for the social elder brother to celebrate his birthday, Peter Pan helped Xu Ke tide over the difficulties regardless of previous suspicions. The reverse video was posted on the Internet and unexpectedly became popular. Bai Ge has long been secretly in love with the kind-hearted and enthusiastic Peter Pan, discovers his talent in reverse acting, and persuades him to participate in the folk art competition, but Peter Pan insists on becoming an actor because of his guilt towards his ex-girlfriend. In this year of ups and downs, can Peter Pan become a big star in Shanghai, and can he and Baige have a happy ending?


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