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Su Qier Cantonese

The story happened at the end of Qing Dynasty and the beginning of the Republic of China. Both Su Can (Chow Yunfa) and Wan Zihao (Andy Lau) survived by opening martial arts gyms. However, Su Can and Wan Zihao, two innocent children, became very close friends on the contrary because of their innocence. One day, the two met Ma Kun (Miao Qiaowei) and Xiao Ling (Michelle Michelle). Su Can and Xiao Ling fell in love at first sight and they soon got together. Su Can's father died, and Su Can was framed as a murderer and imprisoned. In order to save Su Can, Xiao Ling sacrificed her body. However, after being released from prison, Su Can did not accept Xiao Ling's affection, but instead accused her of being indiscreet and promiscuous. Afterwards, Su Can, Ma Kun, and Wan Zihao came to the provincial capital to open a martial arts gym. After going through hardships and being squeezed out, Su Can gained a foothold with the help of Yingying (Chen Xiuzhu) and other friends.


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