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love before sunset

Naya (Grand Punwarot Duaysienklao) is the princess of the Skalin Kingdom with a very noble status, while Nan Qiao (Son Yuke Songpaisarn) is just an ordinary bodyguard. There is a humility difference between the status. However, fate made this pair of men and women who seemed to have no intersection in their lives meet, and Nan Qiao became a reliable existence to protect Naya with his life. At the beginning, the two people with very different personalities disliked each other, and bickering and anger occurred from time to time. However, as time went by, Naya gradually got used to having Nan Qiao's protection and company by her side, and Nan Qiao was also attracted by Naya's innocence. Attracted by love and kindness, slowly, the two hearts are getting closer and closer. However, this period of mutual love met with unprecedented resistance and opposition, and people from all walks of life rushed out to break up the two. In the end, can Naya and Nan Qiao overcome all difficulties and dangers and stick to their true feelings?


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